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We undertake architectural projects from concept to practical completion with honesty and responsibility. Our design proposals:

- are site specific

- always reflect the clients' brief and vision

- respect the surrounding environment and local character of each site

- bring added value to the clients' property

- combine high aesthetics and functionality

Collaborating with highly experienced consultants and contractors we ensure that each project is completed in the best quality possible, on time and budget.


Renovations, restorations and adaptive reuse (aka conversions) of buildings are some of our favourites!


Using and enhancing the existing building structure, we adapt all spaces to fit the needs of the current user, the current technological trends and modern aesthetics.

| "the memory of the past to be included in the design for the future"


Sometimes an existing space needs something special in order to aquire identity and character or even to create atmospheres and experiences for its users.

When this is required, we come in with interior design proposals, create items or pieces of furniture that cannot be found off the shelf and that fit a specific purpose. Proposals like this aim to enhance a space, place, building or business and turn it from merely a material entity to an interactive or exclusive experience.


We have worked with highly acclaimed clients in specialized projects and briefs such as luxuty hospitality, residential and senior living.


Knowing and understanding the demands and complexities of such projects, we would like to share it with our new clients by offering expert consultation as an independent service.

Some of the benefits of our professional consultation service are to:

- bring added value to a project

- make a project more atractive to potential investors

- understand the brief and expectations of a specialized or complex project

- minimise risk and resourse by creating a proactive design & management strategy, guide  and supervise the project on all stages

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