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Memoirs of a Bauhaus

This is a revovation and restoration project of an 80s villa that was originally built by solely one artist himself.


The whole property was built with lots of love, imagination and empirical construction methods and it also bears a lot of Bauhaus characteristics.

Its Bauhaus Characteristics are:

- Pilotis utilizing the space below the house
- Open plan spaces
- Long sliding windows
- Simple geometric shapes
- Nature inspired art

- Water & landscaping elements

DAREstudio altered the design and function of its interior to better fit its new users and their current lifestyle. The new floor plan sets all spaces in a linear sequence and introduces transparency throughout the whole house. All the spaces of the house as well as the sea view and the landscape interact with each other and hold a visual dialogue.

The landscape, the art and the building together create a serene, peaceful atmosphere that bring one back to a different era. An era when nature and architecture respected and complimented each other.





Navarino, Greece



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