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Retaining only the concrete frame, we transformed a 70s typical floor plan to suit the current urban residents needs with peaceful, earthy and modern interiors.

- - - -

The typical 70s plan that we faced, was characterised by an entrance lobby, an isolated kitchen and a maid's  room with and a separate entrance for the back of house facilities. The bedrooms did not have ensuite bathrooms and the dining area was sepaparated from the lounge with a double sliding door. In short there were too many partitions, blocking the valuable greek sunshine.

The old interiors, suffocated the apartment with gold and blue wallpaper as well as dark mahogany wooden cladding.

- - - -

Our modern take on the apartment is raises its value as a property and makes the space feel brighter, open and airy, taking advantage of the plentiful sunshine. Our design is also maximises the stunning views of the Sea (Saronic Gulf), the Acropolis and the Lycabetus HIll.

- - - -

The geometries created, cleverly hide the concrete frame and mechanical services while drawing inspiration from the fluid and wavy architecture of the Greek Islands.

- - - -

The materials used for the interiors are natural wood, glass, stone, steel and decorative concrete. Blending natural with industrial, we manage to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere within the urban, lively Athenian block.





Kolonaki Square,



Completed 2023


Michail Damaskos

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